Truck transport

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Truck transport

Quickly and easily rent trucks and ship goods by express transport with STEX freight forwarding.


Lightning fast deliveries on site in just 60 minutes


Secure shipments and real-time GPS tracking


We guarantee reasonable prices and best quality

Fast, reliable, flexible – your express truck transport for safe deliveries at competitive prices!

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Truck transport with STEX Express-Spedition is represented throughout Europe with more than 7,000 vehicles and offers express transport and direct transport with trucks (7.5 ton) throughout Germany and within all of Europe. Compared to our tarpaulin buses, our 7.5-ton trucks have an even larger cargo space, are suitable for transporting higher and more voluminous goods and have a loading area of 610 x 245 x 250 centimeters. This volume is sufficient for truck transport of up to 15 Euro pallets or goods with a maximum weight of 2,140 kilograms. These Euro pallets can be loaded and unloaded, for example, with a lifting platform, which can be added as an upgrade (more information about the truck with lifting platform). Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) by truck is also provided by STEX LKW Transport-Dienst.

The multiple possibilities for loading and unloading the trucks is possible from the side, through the rear and from above (Edscha deck). The duration of the transport and the time of arrival are longer compared to the tarpaulin bus, but the latter has a smaller loading volume and we promise you – you will hardly be able to transport your goods faster and more reliably by truck than with the STEX direct truck transports. STEX delivers to all European countries with its trucks and, if desired, also takes care of customs clearance for deliveries to Switzerland, Great Britain and other countries. If requested, STEX will take care of the notification or arrangement with the loading and unloading points. All deliveries are transported by direct transport.



100% customer satisfaction

  • Reliable company with excellent service.

    luka kochkiani Avatar luka kochkiani
    3. January 2024

    Competent and friendly services any question was answered promptly. The transport was in time and the driver brought up the same good service like the people in the offices.

    martina schwirtz Avatar martina schwirtz
    17. December 2023

    Excellent service and super value for money. 100% reliable with great communication. Highly recommended!

    Nigel Mead Avatar Nigel Mead
    17. October 2023
  • Alles gut gelaufen

    Joachim Brüske Avatar Joachim Brüske
    14. September 2023

    Reibungsloser Ablauf, Termine zur Abholung und Anlieferung werden eingehalten, alles bestens, vielen Dank.

    Plersch Service Avatar Plersch Service
    13. September 2023

    unkomplizierte, schnelle Abwicklung. Termingerechte Abholung und Zustellung

    Kirsten Grau Avatar Kirsten Grau
    13. September 2023
4.8 stars
STEX GmbH - Express forwarding agency
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In detail...

Would you like to entrust the truck transportation of goods to STEX Express courier service, which has been successful on the market for many years, operates internationally and is known for its customer service? At the same time, you want to determine the freight price on the website itself and not experience any nasty surprises? Then STEX Express forwarding is the right place for you! Why ttransport with STEX? We will be happy to explain this to you.

We have many years of experience in the forwarding business, which should also benefit your company. Germany and Europe-wide we offer a truck pickup at a fixed date and a guaranteed fixed price. Of course, you can also instruct us to pick up a product from your business partner and then have the shipment delivered to your company. The STEX courier service operates internationally and undertakes both just-in-time deliveries, express transports, heavy-duty transports, special transports and hazardous goods transports (ADR) with its trucks. All truckloads are transported safely and reliably, and this as a direct journey. Thus, there is no provision for transhipment or stock transfer, and delivery is made by direct route.

Our business customers make more and more use of the possibility to book an express truck at a fixed date. This is a great advantage, for example, at trade fairs and other events that need to be equipped with furniture, exhibits and technical equipment. But we also transport medical equipment, complex technical equipment and machinery, as well as numerous other product groups on time and without hidden additional costs. To determine the transportation costs incurred, you can use the express shipping cost price calculator integrated on our website.

At the request of our customers, we take care of the notification and arrangements with the loading and unloading points. Pickup and delivery is also possible outside regular business hours. It goes without saying that our drivers are regularly briefed on the legal requirements for securing loads with tension belts and other aids and on driving and rest times. Built-in tachographs accurately record the trucks’ driving and riding time. Since every truck is equipped with GPS, you and your employees, as well as the recipient of the shipment, can track where the delivery is at any time.

Convince yourself of the services of the STEX Express truck transport service and book our trucks today to deliver your goods directly to the customer, no matter where he is located in Germany or Europe.

Truck transport at a fixed price.

As a direct drive, we bring your truck transport from the pickup point to the destination. Many options can be added. GPS monitoring. Uvm.

Have we aroused your interest?

We are glad that you are interested in our truck transport. To make sure that you choose a trustworthy and reliable truck forwarding company, we would like to give you some criteria that we meet as a forwarding company and that you should consider when making your decision:

  1. Experience and Reputation: We have been successfully operating in the transportation business for over 5 years and have earned an excellent reputation in the industry. Our know-how guarantees a smooth handling of your transports.
  2. Security and insurance: At STEX Express forwarding company we attach great importance to security. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and technically up to date. In addition, all of our shipments are covered with comprehensive cargo insurance to provide you with peace of mind in the event of an accident or loss.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability: We know that every customer has different needs. That’s why we offer flexible and customized transport solutions tailored to your exact requirements.
  4. Environmental friendliness: At STEX, we are committed to protecting the environment and ensure that our fleet is equipped with modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. These reduce fuel consumption and lower our CO2 emissions.
  5. Transparent cost structure: We offer transparent and fair pricing, with no hidden costs. Before the start of the transport you will receive from us a detailed offer, which clearly breaks down all the costs incurred.
  6. Customer Service: Our dedicated customer service team is always available to answer your questions and assist you in arranging your transportation.
  7. Tracking and communication: We offer our customers a modern tracking system that allows you to track the current location of your shipment at any time. In addition, we proactively inform you about any changes or delays.
  8. Certifications and Memberships: We are proud to hold various certifications and memberships in prestigious industry associations that underscore our commitment to quality and professionalism.
  9. Qualified staff: our team of experienced and well-trained drivers and logistics experts guarantees smooth and efficient transportation of your goods.
  10. Customer reviews: Satisfied customers are our best proof of quality and reliability. Read our customer reviews to learn more about their experience with [Name der Spedition].

We hope that these criteria will help you to choose the right truck forwarding company and we would be glad if you choose STEX Express forwarding company.

Our promise

Damage free transport

It has to happen quickly. But please without damage! Of course. We guarantee a very low damage rate of only 0.1%. This makes STEX one of the best in the industry.

Fixed price means fixed price

After order completion I do not want any cost surprise. There will not be! The price previously calculated with our price calculator is your fixed price guarantee.

Flawless contact

When in doubt, I want to be able to reach someone quickly. We know! And that is why we are available for you 24/7! Our support hotline is also free of charge for you.

Express means express

When in doubt, I want to be able to reach someone quickly. We know! And that is why we are available for you 24/7! Our support hotline is also free of charge for you.


Keep control of your order. With GPS monitoring, 24/7 support and continuous availability of our competent team, you always know where your freight is.


Besides speed, the safety of your cargo is important to you? Us too. Therefore, we ship everything as a direct shipment and adhere to the transport principles of the ADSp 2017.


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