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A direct shipment is when the shipment is transported from the sender directly to the recipient. So there is no transshipment and no intermediate storage. The collecting vehicle also delivers the shipment at the same time. In some places, one also speaks of a direct shipment if the shipment is not transshipped, but several goods are still being transported at the same time. All full loads, on the other hand, are transported as direct shipments. By not having to reload, you as the shipper not only benefit from enormous time savings, but there is also significantly less damage due to the lack of reloading. More information.

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Use our direct shipping cost price calculator and you will receive your free and non-binding quote in just a few minutes. Upon commissioning, our driver immediately starts to the pick-up location.

In detail...

What is a direct shipment? In the case of direct shipments by STEX Express forwarding, no transshipment or reloading is planned. The collecting vehicle thus delivers the shipment directly to the recipient. At the same time, delivery is agreed with the recipient from the outset. This is advantageous, for example, if the shipment is to be delivered to a construction site, to a trade fair, another event or just-in-time. With other forwarders it is also the case that partial deliveries are offered as a direct shipment, but other shipments are still loaded or unloaded. STEX Express Spedition, on the other hand, delivers shipments directly to the consignee upon request, without any detours. Likewise, a driver’s vis is also possible.

Calculate fixed price quickly online: You can use our online price calculator to plan your STEX Express direct trip. Here you have the possibility to choose between four different types of vehicles. While a caddy is probably sufficient for small packages, it is better to have larger equipment or spare parts transported by truck. Typically, they will arrive directly at your business 60 minutes after they are booked, unless you select a different time slot for pickup.

Advantages of direct shipping: Since there is no reloading or transfer in the case of direct shipping, the risk of damage is reduced. More delicate goods can also be shipped. With STEX Spedition and Express Direct you can also have dangerous goods transported. For this purpose, please contact our dispatcher. Envelopes for infrequent departures may also take several days. This is not done in the case of a direct delivery. There is thus also no risk of pallets or parts of shipments being loaded incorrectly.

Collective collections and special services: In the case of a collective pickup or other system transport, shipments are usually only picked up and delivered during normal working hours. Such system times do not apply to direct journeys. Here you can have the shipments picked up by STEX around the clock and also choose the time of delivery.

Modern GPS equipment of our vehicles: Since all vehicles are equipped with GPS, we will regularly inform you about the status of the shipment, the pickup made and the delivery to the recipient. We do not charge you for the return trip.

Regionally for you on site:

Direct trips at a fixed price

What is a direct drive? Without any stock transfer, we will bring your goods safely and quickly from the pickup point to the destination. Immediate collection at the desired location after receipt of order and a very low damage rate distinguish us!

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    17. June 2024

    Sehr zuverlässig.

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    14. June 2024

    Schnell, unklompliziert, zuverlässig. Gerne wieder...

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    14. June 2024
  • alles gut funktioniert, gern wieder

    Lisa-Marie Kulse Avatar Lisa-Marie Kulse
    11. June 2024

    Schnelle Abwicklung, zuverlässig und sehr freundlich.

    andreas schmid Avatar andreas schmid
    11. June 2024

    Für Service sollst noch zwei Extra Punkte geben. Super Firma Superpreise

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    11. June 2024
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