Aid for the city of Odesa * (Ukraine)

The war in Ukraine moves the world. Since February 24, the people who have not fled have suffered from attacks, destruction – and supply shortages. Support the port city of Odesa with STEX.

Why Odesa? Because STEX has a special connection to the city of over a million inhabitants on the Black Sea. Our forwarding agency has had an office in Odesa for more than a year. The events of the war not only affect us: they affect our colleagues. But we also know that everyone in Ukraine needs our help. Support the city and the Odesa region with us!

* “Odesa” is not a spelling mistake, by the way. We use the Ukrainian spelling Odesa and not the Russian spelling Odessa: With this we want to express our solidarity with Ukraine.

Our forwarding agency and our contacts in Odesa

We have been active in Odesa since the beginning of 2021. We run a branch (, employ a number of people – and we want to help. We know the local situation very well. So we can assess what people need. We rely on local supporters and helpers. They know what is needed the most. And we know which helpers and organizations you can rely on. Therefore we ask you: Support us and donate.

STEX relies on local aid organizations

Since our forwarding agency is familiar with Odesa and the surrounding area, we were able and still can establish many contacts. For example, we already cooperate with the non-profit organization Monstrov Odesa. Through our connections in the region, we work together with loyal, reliable helpers. This means for you and your donation: You can be sure that your support will benefit reputable institutions – and that you will make a meaningful difference.

Monetary donations make more sense than in-kind support

Help Ukraine and Odesa by donating money. This is more advantageous: monetary donations can be managed more effectively and used much more flexibly. Charity organizations advise against donations in kind. They only make sense in exceptional cases: for example, when competent aid organizations specifically ask for them. Help the people of Odesa with a monetary donation.

STEX is also happy to accept in-kind donations. Please make sure to read what is required beforehand! Because of the storage capacity, we only accept items that are on the list of required items.

A delivery of in-kind donations to our warehouse is possible after prior notification by telephone (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.):

Durnitzlstr. 54
94315 Straubing

Current list of required items for in-kind donations:

  • hemostatic tourniquets
  • Israeli bandages
  • decompression needle
  • hemostatic bandages
  • hydrogel and hydrogel dressings
  • emergency scissors and rescue blankets
  • nasopharyngeal tubes
  • immobilization splints
  • occlusion bandage
  • triangular bandage
  • tranexamic acid in ampoules
  • ambu bags
  • tonometer, mechanical and automatic
  • pulse oximeter
  • laryngoscopes
  • light stretchers
  • baby food and diapers
  • perishable foods
  • diapers for adults and children
  • painkillers
  • antipyretics
  • eye drops with and without antibiotics
  • nose drops with and without antibiotics
  • ear drops with and without antibiotics
  • antifungal ointments
  • broad spectrum antibiotics
  • thyroid medication

Our STEX team from Odesa in Ukraine

Our STEX team from Odesa in Ukraine

4 reasons to donate with STEX

4 reasons to donate with STEX

  • Your money arrives quickly and safely.
  • Making a donation with PayPal only takes a few minutes.
  • Your donation will be forwarded immediately.
  • Concrete help can be planned immediately.

Our connection to the Odesa region

  • We know the local conditions.
  • Your money does not go to a dubious aid organization.
  • You support reputable aid organizations.
  • Your help really counts.

Our cooperation with local helpers

  • On site, specific and direct help can be provided.
  • Local helpers know what kind of support makes sense.
  • Your donation will be used to buy urgently needed items.
  • Your money helps in a targeted manner.

And donations in kind...?

  • If donations in kind are requested on site, we will organize the required goods.
  • Odesa receives what is actually needed.
  • We deliver donations in kind with the vehicles of our forwarding agency.
  • STEX carries out the transport on a non-profit basis.

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