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The company…

STEX has set itself the goal of becoming one of the leading express freight forwarders in Germany and Europe. A network of over 7,000 vehicles helps us to ensure your productivity in an emergency and to transport goods of almost any size, shape and degree of urgency from the pick-up place to the desired destination just in time.

STEX is always on the move for you. STEX is express. STEX has your emergency logistics covered.

The team…

Our team is more like our family. Become part of the STEX family and experience the advantages of first-class trained staff, friendly service, a high level of reliability and, in particular, our round-the-clock availability, which means you can check the status of your express delivery at all times.

STEX is on its way to becoming the No. 1 express freight forwarder in Europe. Become part of the STEX family.

The price calculator…

In our professional careers, we have experienced ourselves how speed – especially when it’s of the essence – is slowed down by paperwork. We have streamlined these processes. With our online price calculator, you can calculate the fixed price of your express delivery yourself and get your final offer within minutes.

STEX has optimised its express delivery service to ensure the best possible speed – from the first to the last step.

33 good reasons to use STEX

Express speed

Your deliveries at top speed. Because time is money. Whether it’s a matter of a quotation, order confirmation, communication or pick-up and delivery in record time – you save time!

Fair price

Express shipments and direct deliveries can be really cheap. Experience the fairest price-performance ratio in the transport sector with a wide variety of vehicle types and a wealth of options that are tailored and adjusted to your suit your needs.

Planning reliability

Unpredictable situations are a thing of the past thanks to our strict adherence to deadlines when planning the delivery. Your shipment will be monitored every minute and you will be automatically informed of its current status by e-mail or phone.


Enjoy how easy it is to get an individual quotation using our online price calculator. Every day, 24 hours a day. At binding prices!


Competent all-in-one solutions from a single source let you sleep soundly. Save time with our integrated transport solutions for every occasion.

Time saving

Simply order your transport solution when you’re on the road. It takes just a few minutes and the most basic information and your courier vehicle will start on its journey. Also by mobile phone or tablet – and around the clock, too!


Choose your individual and suitable solution from a wide range of vehicles and upgrades – whether you need customs clearance, transportation to a trade fair, fixed dates, the shipment of hazardous goods, self-loading with lifting platform and a whole lot more.


Countless internal quality specifications and independent external quality checks guarantee you get transport services of the highest quality. Ongoing tests and random inspections make a lasting contribution to ensuring the quality you’re accustomed to.

Round-the-clock availability

You can get hold of a competent and motivated contact person by phone 24/7. You can also calculate your freight price online at any time and place your order direct. Find your transport solution in less than 10 minutes on average.

Automatic status updates

Automatic status updates make communication and planning with your customers and suppliers easier. Impress your business partners with a constant and proactive flow of information.

11. Individual advice

You always receive individual advice and tailor-made freight solutions. For every situation and every challenge. Your individual customer advisor is always on hand to help you.

12. Environmental protection

Environmental protection is important. That’s why we do without paper and send you order confirmations, status updates, delivery receipts and invoices only by e-mail.

13. Freedom of contract

Always remain impartial and fully competent to act. Test our top quality services at transparent prices without any obligation. From the first shipment – and that in less than 10 minutes on average!

14. Goal-oriented solutions

Your goods have to reach their destination fast and, with STEX, you will immediately find an individual, uncomplicated and targeted solution for every challenge. There are always many different types of vehicles in use for you throughout Europe.

15. Personal consultation

You will receive personal support at any time so you can explore your possibilities and work out a long-term and perfectly fitting transport solution. Leave nothing to chance!

16. Data protection

It’s not only your goods that are perfectly protected. State-of-the-art IT guidelines and the strictest enforcement of the GDPR also protect your data. From when you enter information into our price calculator right through to delivery and invoicing.

17. Rated

At STEX, customer satisfaction goes without saying and is a matter that’s close to our heart. The independent customer reviews on eKomi and Google clearly demonstrate this.

18. Fair partner

Fair and solution-oriented dealings with customers and business partners at eye level are part of our good manners. This applies to every business and every shipment.

19. Corporate social responsibility

Thank you! Thanks to your help, we have successfully supported a large number of social projects and institutions for many years. Part of the shipment price is donated regularly and willingly. We welcome your suggestions!

20. Clear and transparent

A clear and transparent tariff saves you a lot of time. Combine your individual shipment solution freely and clearly.

21. Clear and comprehensible

Orders are placed solely on the basis of the latest version of the ADSp [German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions 2017]. All other costs such as tolls, diesel, standard insurance, notifications, etc. are already included in the freight price.

22. Cost saving

Highly flexible and fast transport solutions save you money. Safeguard your workflows and business processes effectively through just-in-time deliveries. Prevent follow-up costs and breakdowns before they even occur.

23. A perfect fit

Leave nothing to chance and rely on precisely tailored transport services and seamless communication. Excellent route planning gives you a price advantage from which you benefit right from the first order.

24. Security

Production bottlenecks, line stoppages and so on are all things of the past! Our safe and reliable transport services safeguard you from this and also guarantee you a noticeable cost saving with the least effort.

25. International

An international vehicle network, consisting of more than 7,000 express vehicles throughout Europe gives you the flexibility you deserve every day. In Germany and Europe!

26. Your opinion counts

Nothing is perfect just because we’ve always done thing that way.
Do you have any criticism or a suggestion as to how we can improve? Please feel free to send us your feedback. Because as a customer, you know best what will make you even happier.

27. Your success

You deserve state-of-the-art solutions that support your success. Inspire and satisfy your customers with deliveries in record time as well as with the best service and the most up-to-the-minute options – always in step with the times.

28. Expert knowledge

Benefit from our decades of expert knowledge. Our competent know-how provides you with perfect solutions. From getting a quotation to carrying out the shipment, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands with us.

29. Consistent focus

The satisfaction of you and your customers is our highest priority. Clever transport solutions are designed for to ensure the simplest possible handling and enthusiastic customers. Communication, speed and safety are the focus of our attention!

30. Well-founded systems

Intelligent processes and software solutions offer you the ideal combination of speed and security. Through automatic status updates, our 24-hour price calculator, GPS-monitored vehicles and more.

31. Discretion

On request, you can order neutral deliveries and pick-ups free of charge. Customer protection as well as data protection is a top priority for us at all times and is done according to your wishes.

32. Constant advanced training

Only continuously trained and tested drivers as well as freight professionals of the highest level are available for you. Your advantage? The fastest and most reliable transport service of the highest quality and the cleverest freight solutions around the clock.

33. Training

We also train our own staff! We train people in a wide range of professions to ensure that you will always have competent specialist personnel at your side in the future. Do you want to be a part of it all? You’re welcome to apply!

Our team. Our location. Your advantage.

100% satisfaction

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